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2nd Uqbar Conference on Structured Finance
(2º Congresso Uqbar de Finanças Estruturadas)

Date: September 22nd, 2011


Rua João Cachoeira, 107 - Itaim Bibi - SÃO PAULO

Innovation, Growth and Challenges

The main goal of the 2nd Uqbar Conference on Structured Finance is to disseminate and create knowledge on Structured Finance through panel discussions, talks and Q&A sessions, all involving the participation of senior representatives of renowned institutions with outstanding presence in this market. More specifically, the Conference aims to:

  • promote high level discussion on current trends and topics concerning the Brazilian structured finance market;
  • foster a proper business environment to bring together actual or potential investors, sellers, originators, structurers and other types of market participants;
  • contribute to the development and improvement of the best practices in this market.


The Congress benefits all those interested in the development of structured finance in Brazil, especially professionals:

  • of companies interested in learning new financing alternatives for their projects
  • of institutions interested in investing in securities with different profiles of risk and return
  • of financial institutions interested in intermediating lenders and borrowers of resources through the use of new financial technologies

Look below for some photos of the 1st Uqbar Conference from last year.

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With the theme Innovation, Growth and Challenges, the 2º Uqbar Conference on Structured Finance will discuss issues related to the following topics:

  • the increasing importance of securitization in financing strategic sectors;
  • the possibilities of investment diversification and enhanced return;
  • the operational structure of the Brazilian structured finance market;
  • the evolution of legal regulatory framework;
  • the current level of governance and the best practices in the market.


The conference will be held in portuguese.

Registration Fee

The Conference will provide a welcome coffee, lunch, coffee breaks, as well as a set of material related to the event.

Registration Fee is R$ 1,250.00


Registration paid by July 15th: 15% discount;

Registration paid by July 29th: 10% discount;

Registration paid by August 30th: 5% discount

Registration for 3 individuals of the same institution: 10% discount;

Alumni of Uqbar Courses: 10% discount;

Subscribers to Orbis: 15% discount

Registration for undergraduate students paid by the undergraduate: 15% discount


Note: The maximum total discount from the original registration fee is 15%.



Information: (21) 2529 2925 or info@uqbar.com.br


Associate your brand with the conference! Uqbar is Brazil's first financial knowledge company specialized in advanced finance, with a focus on the Brazilian domestic securitization market. The quality of its products, and its independence and objectivity make Uqbar the principal source of information in this area for both national and international markets.

Expected participants of the Conference include senior management and highly qualified practitioners related to the Structured Finance market, policy makers and opinion leaders with important associated networks. The level of discussions and the attention generated within this business environment will translate into very effective means for producing visibility and international publicity.

Contact Gabriella Achiles by phone 55 21 2529 2925 or email





















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